Stu Crawford

The funny thing is, it actually works.

Bringing you over 30 years experience

Ron Law has had over 30 years experience in community leadership and public speaking.  As a trained, professional singer Ron knows how to tell a story and keep an audience entertained and motivated and he brings that experience to Spruik your business.

Making connections

Having worked with hundreds of people at the most sensitive moments of their lives, Ron is a gifted peoples' person.  Throughout his career as an ordained minister Ron has conducted hundreds of funerals, weddings, baptisms and services of worship.  

Personal Development and Training

Ron has a Graduate Certificate in Leadership and is currently working towards a Masters Degree in Leadership.  Currently, he is in partnership with a Training company in Tasmania and is offering training in retail sales, customer relations, emotional intelligence in the workplace and Corporate Governance

Ron understands business

Ron's early childhood memories involve growing up in accomodation behind or close to the shops run by his family who were business people, serving customers from an early age and being nourished on the retail environment.  Business is in his blood.

Not just a Spruiker

Ron builds relationships with your customers and prospective clients meaning more business for you during the spruiking event and in to the future

Other Services

Ron is a trained professional singer and entertainer with an impressive repertoire that includes classical, jazz and rocknroll.  Ron is a very capable MC.

You will find that Ron is very easy to get along with and will work well with your team.