The Brisbane BBQ Festival

Brisbane Spruiker at the BBQ Festival

As a Brisbane Spruiker I get to go to many events and some are just an absolute joy to be around! This was true of the Brisbane BBQ Festival. Sensational characters, terrific music, wonderful food, great fun!!  Throw in the intoxicating smell of hundreds of BBQs and it all adds up to a food lover’s paradise,


Fabulous Characters

This Brisbane Spruiker received an invitation to play a role in the festival was to be a roving announcer (as opposed to a raving announcer) and let people know about up coming events, to tell hungry punters where they might find shorter food queues, introduce acts on the ‘Pick Up Stage’ and generally add to the atmosphere of the event and there was plenty of atmosphere!

Weber had a big presence as well as many other big names in the BBQ industry and talk about big names there were fabulous characters like ‘Hill Billy Wes‘ who is one of the gurus who did several Q&As and ‘Whole Hog’ demonstrations where I expected a spit but the technique was splitting the hog in two and roasting it over coals.  The meats was served cut up into tiny delicious pieces!  Yum!

Hillbilly Wes -Whole Hog Demo- Spruiker Brisbane BBQ Festival
Hill Billy Wes – Whole Hog Demo Brisbane BBQ Festival

There were some spectacular BBQs at the Brisbane Festival including the one in the photo from “Get in the Q’, some Brisbane Food Vendors.  It looked more like a locomotive on a truck than a BBQ.

Get in the Q Brisbane Spruiker
Get in the Q Amazing BBQ

Delicious Food

Sampled some delicious pulled pork and ‘Texas Sausage’ during the two days of the festival.  With $15,000 up for grabs in the various categories of the BBQ Competition the dozens of competitors were giving it all they had.  There is a lot of passion out there for BBQ!  The music was great as well and I got to introduce some of the acts during the day!

West Texas Crude Main Stage Brisbane Spruiker at BBQ Festival
West Texas Crude on Main Stage

Book Ahead… See you Next year!

It was a fantastic day and I thoroughly recommend the Brisbane BBQ Festival.  Watch out for it again next year around July and get your tickets early because tickets sell out fast!