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Brisbane Spruiker at the BBQ Festival

As a Brisbane Spruiker I get to go to many events and some are just an absolute joy to be around! This was true of the Brisbane BBQ Festival. Sensational characters, terrific music, wonderful food, great fun!!  Throw in the intoxicating smell of hundreds of BBQs and it all adds up to a food lover’s paradise,


Fabulous Characters

This Brisbane Spruiker received an invitation to play a role in the festival was to be a roving announcer (as opposed to a raving announcer) and let people know about up coming events, to tell hungry punters where they might find shorter food queues, introduce acts on the ‘Pick Up Stage’ and generally add to the atmosphere of the event and there was plenty of atmosphere!

Weber had a big presence as well as many other big names in the BBQ industry and talk about big names there were fabulous characters like ‘Hill Billy Wes‘ who is one of the gurus who did several Q&As and ‘Whole Hog’ demonstrations where I expected a spit but the technique was splitting the hog in two and roasting it over coals.  The meats was served cut up into tiny delicious pieces!  Yum!

Hillbilly Wes -Whole Hog Demo- Spruiker Brisbane BBQ Festival
Hill Billy Wes – Whole Hog Demo Brisbane BBQ Festival

There were some spectacular BBQs at the Brisbane Festival including the one in the photo from “Get in the Q’, some Brisbane Food Vendors.  It looked more like a locomotive on a truck than a BBQ.

Get in the Q Brisbane Spruiker
Get in the Q Amazing BBQ

Delicious Food

Sampled some delicious pulled pork and ‘Texas Sausage’ during the two days of the festival.  With $15,000 up for grabs in the various categories of the BBQ Competition the dozens of competitors were giving it all they had.  There is a lot of passion out there for BBQ!  The music was great as well and I got to introduce some of the acts during the day!

West Texas Crude Main Stage Brisbane Spruiker at BBQ Festival
West Texas Crude on Main Stage

Book Ahead… See you Next year!

It was a fantastic day and I thoroughly recommend the Brisbane BBQ Festival.  Watch out for it again next year around July and get your tickets early because tickets sell out fast!

Sydney Spruiker for D’s Damat in Bondi Junction

Last weekend I had a fantastic experience spruiking for D’s Damat in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.  Bondi is a wonderful, busy area with great cafes.


New Menswear Range for Australia

D’s Damat is a new menswear store to our shores only having arrived in Australia a few months ago from Turkey. The store in Bondi Junction is the first of many Australian stores.  This means you have the opportunity to be the first in your group to show off these great garments.  They are a sensation on the runways of Europe with 500 stores worldwide.  They represent a whole new approach to affordable men’s fashion.

You can mix and match right through their range creating a spectacular unique look.  You can mix up the colours and styles as the range goes from casual through to formal. The range comes from Turkey originally which means that their fabrics and tailoring have a long pedigree that reaches back to the Ottoman empire.  It is a stunning range of mens clothing that is very affordable.

The shop fit out in D’s Damat is stunning.  They have spared no expense and the features include a great looking shirt bar and accessories bar with the whole range laid out in such a way that it makes shopping at D’s Damat a real pleasure.  It means that a customer can come in to the shop and make a choice of tie and/or shirt very quickly.  The shop is in a challenging position opposite Westfield but they are committed to getting the word out regarding the range.

The advent of D’s Damat on the Australian market fills a whole in affordable fashion.  The garments have a real feel of quality about them.  Their range has includes unique colours, textures and patterns that can be mixed and matched.

This was my first experience as a Sydney Spruiker, spruiking menswear and I focused on words that related to touch and it worked well.  Words evoking feelings about touch evoke strong feelings.  The client was very happy with the effectiveness of the campaign.

Ron Law.  Check my website 

Spruiker for the “The Wheel of Love” –

An Example of a Great Promotion at Ballina Fair


Spruiker for the "Wheel of Love" Valentines Day Promotion at Ballina Fair
Lots of fun at Ballina Fair for “The Wheel of Love”

 Landing on the Right Colour

Terrific fun yesterday at Ballina Fair for the “Wheel of Love” Promotion.  People had to spend $20 or more, present us with their receipts and have a spin of the wheel which was colour coded.  They got the prize that corresponded to the colour the wheel landed on.  My brief was to “create theatre and fun” and to “make sure all the prizes were given away.”  “The Wheel of Love” idea corresponded to Valentines Day and every now and then I would remind folk that all their gift giving needs could be supplied by the shop holders of Ballina Fair

The action heated up

It was a little slow to start with, possibly due to the unusually hot weather outside. Then I waved over some people from Woolworths who had obviously spent more than $20 and they had a spin. When customers saw we were for real we started to get a steady flow of punters.


Spruiker at "The Wheel of Love" Ballina Fair
The Valentines Day Fairy, myself and Monika

Family Fun

The big prizes went fairly quickly until in the last hour or so all we had to give away was chocolate so I really had to up the fun factor.  The kids were the most fun so I mumbled about the “official receipt checking process” (employing mumbling that commentators carry on with in the pre race seriousness of the horses mounting their stalls before a big race) once the check had been done by Monika (my assistant) I invited the child to assume offcial wheel pulling position (next time I will ask the crowd to hush.) Then I got the child to shuffle around making sure they were positioned directly over the (imaginary) position then I asked them if they were ready and they would be right in to it (Mum and Dad in Hysterics.)  Then I would say “Ok I am going to count to 3 and I want you to give that wheel a mighty pull and you get a special prize (chocolate) but if it landed on green they would get a special prize (more chocolate).  Then came the count.  Sometimes 1, 2, (are your ready?) 1, 2 (are you sure you are ready?) 1, 2, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, THREE!!!!!  Youve got to mix it up so next time just “THREEEE!!!!”.  Great fun and I could see a lot of the shop holders craning their necks to see what was going on and laughing

Mission Accomplished

Lots of theatre and fun.  All prizes gone accept for a few choccies.

Ron Law, Crazy Crowds, (0418) 460079  (Book Now)

Brisbane Bookfest – the Biggest 2nd Hand Book Sale in the World – True Story!

If you missed out on the amazing Brisbane Lifeline Bookfest experience a few weeks ago that sucks for you!  Never mind, because they come around twice a year!   It was a truly wonderful event to be a part of on a number of levels.

Ron as Spruiker for Brisbane Lifeline Bookfest
Brisbane Lifeline Bookfest at Brisbane Convention Centre

Bookfest- Staggered at the Sheer Size

Like you, I have heard of Bookfest bouncing around in the back of my recollections for years but I as I walked in to the Brisbane Exhibition Centre on the first day I was absolutely staggered by the sheer enormity of this event.  Thousands of eager booklovers were gathering outside waiting for the doors to open.

The organisers claim that it is the biggest second hand book slae in the world.  Later I was told that there were 4 Kms of tables and they were full of millions of books and board games.  They went on and on.  As I learnt, every single item had been donated through one of Lifeline’s bins or its shops. Pretty incredible because, the general condition of te books being sold was amazing.  All of the funds raised went towards funding the 131114 Lifeline Crisis Line.

A Great Service

Approximately 1800 Australians in crisis call the suicide prevention line 24 hours a day and they are answered by trained, non-judgemental counsellors.  So, Lifeline provides a great service to the community with no Government funding.  The Brisbane Bookfest raised $1.3 million towards this wonderful service.

Brisbane Bookfest Spruiker
Some Wonderful Volunteers

Highly Organised

The event was very well run.  The hall was divided in to 3 sections being the $1 end, the $2.50 end and the ‘High Quality’ area down the middle where the prices were individually marked.   In the ‘High Quality’ area was the ‘Glass Cabinet’ where the really rare and collectable books resided.  Expert volunteers were in attendance at the glass cabinet to discuss with customers the reason why these books were so valuable.  The most expensive book we sold from that area was $999.

Brisbane Bookfest Spruiker
The Information Desk


Great Volunteers

It takes 600-700 volunteers to run the 13 day event and without them it would not be possible!  The volunteers are there to support a great cause and quite a few of them would be booklovers themselves.  It was great to be around them and the customers were also a lot of fun!  If you would like something really worthily doing ring your local Lifeline to see how you may be able to volunteer!

This gig was a really wonderful experience.  The guy who usually spruces there is a fellow by the name of Mark and he has been the sprier/mc for the event for about 18 years.  This year he was unwell and couldn’t make.  Next time you hear about the Brisbane Bookfest put in on your calendar and get along!  It is a great day out!  You can stock up on some great books, meet some terrific people and help a terrific cause in the process!  A warning though, you may need to get a bigger bookcase!

Ron Law

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 from Crazy Crowds

She had me by the throat!

Well, lets get this straight.  My throat was engaged in Spruiking for the Book launch of her new book. So my throat was definitely engaged!  

It was about 12 months ago on a dark and steamy Brisbane evening.  Well, no it was morning and it was a pleasant train trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane city where I had the great fortune of doing ‘the spruik’  at Angus and Robertson Booksellers for the launch.  Now, I must admit I had to ask ‘Google’ who Amanda Keller was (sorry Amanda) and then I realised I had known her for a long time (at least it felt like it) and it dawned on me that I was spruiking for a superstar of Australian TV.  Amanda is currently the host of the hit Channel 10 show, The Lounge.”  Now if you are ‘Spruiking’ for a lady who bills herself as a ‘Natural Born Keller’ you might well be on edge.  To the contrary, Amanda was relaxed, kind, funny and very personable. With a great, natural sense of humour.


Ron Law, the Spruiker at the Brisbane Book Launch of Amanda Keller


The equipment I used was my battery powered Roland Busking Cube (powered by 6 AA batteries for about 15 hours) and the wireless Rode Filmaker mike system reviewed here.   Great sound and felxibility from this little system.

Crowds of Brisbane Shoppers

Crowds of people stopped and were very interested in meeting Amanda and having their new book signed.  In preparation for the gig I had read Amanda’s book and it was a great read. There are some very personal stories and some of them are really funny. During the morning, from time to time I read a portion of the book and the one laughing the most (at her own gags and my interpretation) was Amanda.

Amanda Keller  has been on Australian television screens for decades and actually got her start way back with ‘Simon Townsend’s Wonder World”.  This was a very pleasant brush with celebrity and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  (I have lost 16 kilos since this photo)

You can check out Amanda’s book here

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