Millions of Lifeline Bookfest Stories. One still being written


It was so great to be a part of Lifeline Bookfest over the weekend.  It has grown to be a massive event.  It was my first time there and I was blown away my the sheer size of it!


The organisers claim it is the biggest second hand book sale in the world!!  With 4 kms of tables filled to the overflowing with great quality books at amazing prices.  I will be there again next week so the story is still being written.



It is the main fundraiser for the Lifeline 24 Hour Crisis line so it supports a very worthy cause.  There are millions of books and it takes about 600-700 happy volunteers to run the event successfully.. Tens of thousands of people came through the door and they trusted ME with the microphone!!!



It was so busy Saturday morning people were losing their spouses and children in the rush and asking me to announce the name of their loved one over the speaker which I did and we had many touching reunions.



Books of all types and prices from 50c to $999.  Thats right there was a rare and collectable book sold for $999!!

It has been a great gig so far and I am looking forward to the next chapter!