Spruiker for the “The Wheel of Love” – An Example of a Great Promotion at Ballina Fair

Spruiker for the “The Wheel of Love” –

An Example of a Great Promotion at Ballina Fair


Spruiker for the "Wheel of Love" Valentines Day Promotion at Ballina Fair
Lots of fun at Ballina Fair for “The Wheel of Love”

 Landing on the Right Colour

Terrific fun yesterday at Ballina Fair for the “Wheel of Love” Promotion.  People had to spend $20 or more, present us with their receipts and have a spin of the wheel which was colour coded.  They got the prize that corresponded to the colour the wheel landed on.  My brief was to “create theatre and fun” and to “make sure all the prizes were given away.”  “The Wheel of Love” idea corresponded to Valentines Day and every now and then I would remind folk that all their gift giving needs could be supplied by the shop holders of Ballina Fair

The action heated up

It was a little slow to start with, possibly due to the unusually hot weather outside. Then I waved over some people from Woolworths who had obviously spent more than $20 and they had a spin. When customers saw we were for real we started to get a steady flow of punters.


Spruiker at "The Wheel of Love" Ballina Fair
The Valentines Day Fairy, myself and Monika

Family Fun

The big prizes went fairly quickly until in the last hour or so all we had to give away was chocolate so I really had to up the fun factor.  The kids were the most fun so I mumbled about the “official receipt checking process” (employing mumbling that commentators carry on with in the pre race seriousness of the horses mounting their stalls before a big race) once the check had been done by Monika (my assistant) I invited the child to assume offcial wheel pulling position (next time I will ask the crowd to hush.) Then I got the child to shuffle around making sure they were positioned directly over the (imaginary) position then I asked them if they were ready and they would be right in to it (Mum and Dad in Hysterics.)  Then I would say “Ok I am going to count to 3 and I want you to give that wheel a mighty pull and you get a special prize (chocolate) but if it landed on green they would get a special prize (more chocolate).  Then came the count.  Sometimes 1, 2, (are your ready?) 1, 2 (are you sure you are ready?) 1, 2, 2 1/2, 2 3/4, THREE!!!!!  Youve got to mix it up so next time just “THREEEE!!!!”.  Great fun and I could see a lot of the shop holders craning their necks to see what was going on and laughing

Mission Accomplished

Lots of theatre and fun.  All prizes gone accept for a few choccies.

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