Amanda Keller had me my the throat!- Spruiking for a “Natural Born Keller”

She had me by the throat!

Well, lets get this straight.  My throat was engaged in Spruiking for the Book launch of her new book. So my throat was definitely engaged!  

It was about 12 months ago on a dark and steamy Brisbane evening.  Well, no it was morning and it was a pleasant train trip from the Gold Coast to Brisbane city where I had the great fortune of doing ‘the spruik’  at Angus and Robertson Booksellers for the launch.  Now, I must admit I had to ask ‘Google’ who Amanda Keller was (sorry Amanda) and then I realised I had known her for a long time (at least it felt like it) and it dawned on me that I was spruiking for a superstar of Australian TV.  Amanda is currently the host of the hit Channel 10 show, The Lounge.”  Now if you are ‘Spruiking’ for a lady who bills herself as a ‘Natural Born Keller’ you might well be on edge.  To the contrary, Amanda was relaxed, kind, funny and very personable. With a great, natural sense of humour.


Ron Law, the Spruiker at the Brisbane Book Launch of Amanda Keller


The equipment I used was my battery powered Roland Busking Cube (powered by 6 AA batteries for about 15 hours) and the wireless Rode Filmaker mike system reviewed here.   Great sound and felxibility from this little system.

Crowds of Brisbane Shoppers

Crowds of people stopped and were very interested in meeting Amanda and having their new book signed.  In preparation for the gig I had read Amanda’s book and it was a great read. There are some very personal stories and some of them are really funny. During the morning, from time to time I read a portion of the book and the one laughing the most (at her own gags and my interpretation) was Amanda.

Amanda Keller  has been on Australian television screens for decades and actually got her start way back with ‘Simon Townsend’s Wonder World”.  This was a very pleasant brush with celebrity and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  (I have lost 16 kilos since this photo)

You can check out Amanda’s book here

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