Sydney Spruiker for D’s Damat in Bondi Junction

Sydney Spruiker for D’s Damat in Bondi Junction

Last weekend I had a fantastic experience spruiking for D’s Damat in Bondi Junction, Sydney, Australia.  Bondi is a wonderful, busy area with great cafes.


New Menswear Range for Australia

D’s Damat is a new menswear store to our shores only having arrived in Australia a few months ago from Turkey. The store in Bondi Junction is the first of many Australian stores.  This means you have the opportunity to be the first in your group to show off these great garments.  They are a sensation on the runways of Europe with 500 stores worldwide.  They represent a whole new approach to affordable men’s fashion.

You can mix and match right through their range creating a spectacular unique look.  You can mix up the colours and styles as the range goes from casual through to formal. The range comes from Turkey originally which means that their fabrics and tailoring have a long pedigree that reaches back to the Ottoman empire.  It is a stunning range of mens clothing that is very affordable.

The shop fit out in D’s Damat is stunning.  They have spared no expense and the features include a great looking shirt bar and accessories bar with the whole range laid out in such a way that it makes shopping at D’s Damat a real pleasure.  It means that a customer can come in to the shop and make a choice of tie and/or shirt very quickly.  The shop is in a challenging position opposite Westfield but they are committed to getting the word out regarding the range.

The advent of D’s Damat on the Australian market fills a whole in affordable fashion.  The garments have a real feel of quality about them.  Their range has includes unique colours, textures and patterns that can be mixed and matched.

This was my first experience as a Sydney Spruiker, spruiking menswear and I focused on words that related to touch and it worked well.  Words evoking feelings about touch evoke strong feelings.  The client was very happy with the effectiveness of the campaign.

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